Boat rentals and fishing boat rentals

Boat rentals and fishing boat rentals

Located near Magog, in the beautiful village of Fitch Bay, Fitch Bay Harbour is the perfect location for fishing boat rentals. Surrounded by forests, and far from bustling cities, Fitch Bay Harbour is the perfect spot to relax, fish, and enjoy the sun. We offer activities, and most importantly, boat rentals for all occasions: parties, fishing trips, family gatherings or vacation getaways. We have many pontoon boats and fishing boats at your disposal. At Fitch Bay Harbour, our goal is to provide you with an exceptional getaway experience.

We offer:

More than fishing boat rentals

In addition to fishing boat rentals, Marina Fitch Bay offers many services, from catering to expeditions. Whether you simply wish to rent a fishing boat or want to experience a complete fishing expedition with a guide, we can accommodate you. If you don’t want to fish, preferring to relax and sail away instead, pontoons are also at your disposal.

We have many activities in store for our visitors. BBQs, expeditions, swimming, fishing, golf, hiking and diving are just a few of the many activities we can plan for you. If you have a special request, let us know! With a captain, a guide and a caterer available, Fitch Bay Harbour will ensure you have a great time.

It is not just the services we offer that make Fitch Bay Harbour so special; it is the exceptional scenery you enjoy as well. Unlike many other marinas in the region, we’ve managed to preserve the natural look and feel of the setting. The calm waters, beautiful forests and a backdrop of mountains will delight your senses when you visit Marina Fitch Bay to rent a fishing boat. No noisy motor boats or Sea-Doo are rented at our docks, so the waters are calm and noise is kept to a minimum. This ensures you have an enjoyable stay that isn’t disturbed by noise or people.

Let’s go fishing!

With more than 10 varieties of fish to catch, Fitch Bay Harbour is the best places to go fishing. Our boat rentals are ideal for fishing trips; since we are not surrounded by high traffic, we can ensure a great fishing experience. Although we don’t rent fishing equipment, we do offer fishing expeditions accompanied by an expert guide.

Fitch Bay Harbour will provide you with a unique experience. Contact us today for more information about our many services. See our prices